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Frequently Asked Questions

While we encourage you to give us a call with more specific questions, below we have listed some of our more frequently asked questions & their answers.

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What is a tongue tie & why do I need to treat it?

Ankyloglossia, or tongue tie, is a condition is present at birth. A tight band of tissue tethers the tongue's tip to the floor of the mouth. It can affect how a child eats and speaks, and can interfere with breastfeeding.

What is myofunctional therapy & why do I need it?

Myofunctional therapy is an exercise training program for the use of muscles surrounding the face, mouth, and tongue. Through this personalized program the appropriate muscles are targeted and strengthened to achieve a better range of motion, sleep hygiene, and oral habits. The muscles strengthened through these exercises are then used to evaluate and determine if a patient is a candidate for a frenectomy.


Why is a CO2 laser for frenectomy better than traditional methods?

The Light Scalpel CO2 laser that we use in this office is a favorite of Dr. Sullivan's! Only soft tissue is targeted with this laser, which provides better results, less trauma, and quicker healing.

Do I need a referral to be evaluated?

While we do accept referrals from providers, you do not need one to be evaluated. We believe in treating signs & symptoms and oftentimes parents are the first to notice these. 


What age can a patient be to be evaluated?

We evaluate patients from 1 day old to 99 years!

Do We Accept Insurance/SoonerCare/Etc?

Unfortunately, both medical insurance and dental benefit plans typically do not provide coverage for a lip/tongue release. Even if an office accepts your insurance plan, the procedures that we all provide are commonly considered "elective treatment". This means that insurance generally does not pay for the treatment. You must go to a SoonerCare provider to use your SoonerCare benefits. In our practice--we understand that not everyone can afford treatment and associated supportive care. We choose to offer payment options and in special situations donate care to those in need. You have choices when it comes to health care. An insurance claim does not have to be initiated by the provider. The policy holder can submit a claim for reimbursement...meaning what seems unaccessible may actually be an option and we can provide a superbill upon request!


Do We Have Payment Plans?

We do offer a payment plan option through Cherry. We have found this to be an exceptional resource for our patients that choose to use a payment service plan.

What Does the Initial Consultation Appointment Entail?

Infant consultations include checking weight, taking photographs of sites, health history review, parent/guardian goals for patient, and addressing whether the patient is in need of a frenectomy or not. We also determine if additional care team providers are necessary, such as chiropractic, lactation, etc.

Child/Adult consultations include everything listed above as well as an iTero scan of the mouth and CBCT. We also determine whether a patient is in need of myofunctional therapy or not.

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