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What Is A Frenectomy?

A frenectomy - often referred to as a "release" - is a surgical dental procedure that involves the removal of restricted frenum to provide free movement of the effected area. At Airway Health & Tongue Tie Center we use a state of the art CO2 laser from Light Scalpel.

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Goals for Frenectomy

Range of Motion

Releasing a frenum frees up the amount of movement in your mouth which can benefit breathing, speaking, and more.


With less tension on the frenum your mouth won't tire as easily and will allow for better chewing and therefore better digestion.


Whether a frenum is too large or too small it can prevent you from swallowing your food well.

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During your first visit to our office, we reserve 1 hour where we will do an in depth examination of your airway, neck, mouth, and tongue. We use this information to help us develop a personalized plan for every individual to help reach personal as well as clinical results! We will guide you in the right direction regarding recommendations for myofunctional therapy, lactation counseling & body work. It often takes a multidisciplinary team to achieve the best results!

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